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10/8 Women in AI Japan “Wai Talk ” (Online)オンライン開催


​講師:BEE INFORMATICA SDN.BHD. 共同設立者、CEO Fumiko Inada


主催:Women in AI Japan

Happyデジタルがパートナーとして支援する「Women in AI」Japanのイベント、Wai Talkのご案内です。

10月のWaiTALKは、Fumiko Inadaさんをスピーカーにお迎えします。

日時:2020年10月8日(木)20:00-21:00 (JST)
参加費:無料 (Peatixの申込みが必要です)
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20:00-20:10 : WAI活動の紹介
20:10-20:45: プレゼンテーション
20:45-20:55: Q&A
20:55-21:00: 終わりのあいさつ

Fumiko Inada プロフィール
慶應義塾大学卒業後、日本銀行、A.Tカーニージャパンでビジネスコンサルタント、楽天証券でデジタルサービスに従事したのち、英国で開発学の修士号を取得。その後、バングラディシュに渡り、日本企業へのコンサルティング業務、日系IT企業での勤務、ITでビジネスをするための準備期間を経て、2年前からマレーシアに拠点を移す。カウンターパートと共にFintechで起業、マイクロファイナンスとビジネスサポートを備えた起業家と中小企業向けのビジネスプラットフォーム「Entrebition」を設立。現在、BEE INFORMATICA SDN.BHD.の共同設立者でCEO.

お問い合わせ:Women in AI Japan 事務局

For the October WaiTALK, we will invite Ms. Fumiko Inada.
She will talk about challenge to AI x Fintech, the reason for starting the Fintech business, the process of establishing the company in Malaysia and the how to complete prototype and future AI utilization.

Date and time: October 8th (Thursday) 20:00-21:00 (JST)
Venue: ZOOM Meeting (the meeting ID will be provided to those who apply)
Participation fee: Free (Peatix is a must)
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Language: Will be conducted in Japanese, but the speaker and all staff can respond in English

Time Table:
20:00-20:10 : Reception & Introduction to WAI
20:10-20:45: Presentation by Fumiko Inada
20:45-20:55: Q&A
20:55-21:00: Closing

Ms. Fumiko Inada
After graduating from Keio University, Ms. Fumiko Inada started her career at Bank of Japan and as a business consultant at A.T. Kearney Japan, and engaged in digital services at Rakuten Trade, and then obtained a master’s degree in Local Economic Development, Social Business, City Development, Geographical Economics in the United Kingdom.

After that, she spent years in Bangladesh and moved to Malaysia two years ago after consulting work for Japanese companies, working at a Japanese IT company, and preparing for doing business with IT. Established “Entrebition”, a business platform for entrepreneurs and small and medium-size(d) enterprise with microfinance and business support, starting a business at Fintech with its counterparts. Currently Co-founder and CEO of BEE INFORMATICA SDN.BHD.
Contact: Women in AI Japan

Person in charge: KhineZar(,

Nishimura (

Women in AI は、世界115か国、4000名を超えるメンバーを擁するAI女子のグローバルネットワークです。
Women in AI Japanは2020年2月に発足しました。

Women in AI (WAI) is a global network of AI with over 4,000 members in 115 countries.
Women in AI Japan started their activity in February 2020.



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